All Original Artworks by Peter Buckley


Peter Buckley was born in Brisbane and is the son of James Michael Buckley a noted artist and sculptor in the 60's. His family has links to Roy De Maistre and the creativity has lived on. Peter  has painted an eclectic range of acrylics over the years.  As a master Yacht Builder in his younger days, he painted Marine Scenes and still paints yachts and harbor scenes  in a quite Brett Whitely fashion (our gallery patrons say)


His love of the history of the Spice Islands, The Malacca Straits and the Dutch interaction with Indonesian plantations of Cloves, Nutmeg, coffee and cocoa, pepper and the wild and wonderful stories of trade have led to several series of paintings of stunning visually arresting bursts of tropical  sunshine colurs, fruit markets and Wayan   Creative use of colour composition and with a whimsical edge, his painting celebrate the multiculutural texture that is the archipelago and the plantation life. 


His paintings are hung in private residences in Cologne,  Adelaide, Sydney and South Australia, Western Australia and of course the Northern Territory.  He is currently creating an exhibition to travel to Amsterdam in the next year.

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